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EF University Transition Program

EF Language Preparatory Program

EF Summer Junior Courses Program

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School Hunters

School Runs

Get updated on top school activities and have direct access to schools

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home tutors

Smart & Simple

We provide a simple and smart way to find qualified home tutors for your children, your ward or yourself no matter the field or subject at your convenience.

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School Search

Perfect Choice

Making the choice as to which educational institution to attend or enrol your children has just gotten easier with our school search portal .

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School Hunters

School Runs

Create an awareness for your school, show the world all your events and activities for just N10000 a week

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job opportunities

Creative Ideas

We are constantly linking employers of labor in the education industry with qualified resource persons though our website globally.

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  • Home Tutors
    Home Tutors

    Our Home Tutors programme makes it convenient and easy for parents and students at all levels to find qualified & efficient trainers in all fields of study...

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  • Schools Search
    Schools Search

    Are you searching for a school or academic institution of your choice, our school search database holds current and relevant information for your use...

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  • Job Opportunities
    Job Opportunities

    We collaborate with various academic institutions globally, with School Hunters™ we can link you with just the right job opportunities in the industry...

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  • EF Courses
    EF Courses

    Fastrack your university degree...
    Enroll in a flexible length course that helps students obtain..
    Study on a language course designed for younger Learners.

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Creative Solutions

We take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and media by projecting Schools and services to the world.

Support Services

We cater for special needs through School Management, School Rebranding, academic and Non-academic Recruitment and much more.


We are Nigeria's No.1 most reliable and trusted Integrated Educational Marketing Communications Agency that acts as an Intermediary for Schools, Teachers, Parents and Students.

Exam Preparation

IELTS, SAT, TOEFL intensive preparation

Apply now for the IELTS Booster Tutorials to learn how you can score higher. Train with Professional Tutors with over 10 years experience with IELTS.

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